REALTOR® Code of Ethics

Realtor Code of EticsReal estate is an industry based on trust. Working ethically is essential when we are building a solid relationship with our clients. Avery-Ayers & Associates feels that to grow our business, we have to have our Buyers and Sellers feel that they can depend on us to act with their best interest in mind. Buying and selling a home is a major life changing decision. We are bound by the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics in everything we do.

Our job is to be honest with all parties in the transaction, including our clients, other REALTORS® or real estate agents and their clients. It’s important to disclose issues that could affect the transaction. We, as REALTORS®, need to collect and assemble all necessary paperwork and information to work through any potential roadblocks in the sale or purchase of a property.

We put our clients first
When working with a Buyer, we make every effort to understand their housing needs, including thoroughly researching available properties, and sharing all relevant information with the buyer so they can make an informed decision. When working with Sellers, we want to understand their needs and desires for selling and their main goal whether it is based on terms or financial outcome.

We are forthcoming with all parties
We disclose all pertinent facts regarding the property and the transaction to both the buyer and seller. If something seems questionable about the physical aspects of the property, we’re obligated to question and make recommendations that buyers can consult their own experts and inspectors.

We must be truthful in advertising and when communicating with the public. When we distribute newsletters, create websites, or place advertising, it is essential that we represent what is our work and not the work of another real estate professional. This is important when prospective clients make a decision about choosing us as their REALTOR®.

Click on Code of Ethics for REALTORS® to find out more about the guidelines we must follow when working in the Real Estate Industry.

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