Call for ACTION


As middle class Americans struggle to maintain relevance during the current “great recession”, new challenges are looming on the horizon. A recent report issued Dec 1 by President Obama’s deficit reduction panel presents a list of proposals to reverse the current trend of our governments operational deficit. Last year saw the national dept rise to an unsustainable $1.3 trillion. The document, titled “The Moment of Truth” urges sweeping changes in government spending and revenue sources. Just as the Bush tax cuts are likely to be extended to protect a weak economic recovery, the … [Read more...]

It’s getting COLD!!!


Why live in Florida? We recently had a buyer client that was getting an FHA loan. When a borrower gets an FHA mortgage, they can use it for a primary residence only. The mortgage department called our perspective clients and asked them why they were moving to Florida and if this home would be their primary home. They answered the person on the phone; "Have you ever lived through a north state winter?" The person on the other line answered "no". "Well", my client answered, "if you had, you'd would know that that is a ridiculous question." The question is, why would anyone want to live … [Read more...]

Short Sale Timeline

short sale timeline

Obviously the name, short sale, does not denote the amount of time it takes to complete a short sale. We have been assisting sellers with their distressed home sales since they became common on the market from 2007. We have helped over 40 homeowners close on their short sale transactions. From the time that we put a contract together between buyer and seller, the shortest time it has ever taken to get a written short sale approval in hand has been 2 weeks. However, this has been the exception not the rule. In the beginning of 2008, we had a transaction take took 2 years from contract … [Read more...]

Lakewood Ranch, Florida

lakewood ranch country club

Award winning, master planned community located in east Manatee County. We are experts that can show you the Lakewood Ranch lifestyle! Lakewood Ranch is the largest green certified community in the United States. The goal was to use the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly building products in the homes since 2005. The plan saved the natural wildlife habitat and has 150 miles of walking trails. There are 3 championship golf courses that make up the Lakewood Ranch Golf and Country Club. Members have the privilege to play 54 holes at the Cypress Links, King’s Dunes and … [Read more...]

Islands of Manatee & Sarasota


The area offers a rich island lifestyle with beautiful, world famous, white sandy beaches, sunsets, restaurants, shops and art activities. Manatee County has the barrier island of Anna Maria Island which encompasses Bradenton Beach, Anna Maria Beach, Coquina Beach and Holmes Beach communities. Sarasota County has the barrier islands of Longboat Ley, Siesta Key, Bird Key and Lido Key. It's St Armand's Circle is a world famous mecca for island shopping and dining. We can assist you in selling and buying island real estate, so that you may also enjoy the richness of island … [Read more...]

Florida’s Amendment 4


Purposed amendment 4 will be decided in Florida’s state wide election on-November 2, 2010. If passed by Florida voters, amendment 4 will change the process of local land use planning and shift final approval of comprehensive land use decisions from the county commission to a public voting referendum. The originators and supporters of amendment 4, Florida Home Town Democracy Inc. headed by Palm Beach attorney Lesley Blackner has fought for ballot inclusion since 2007 in a controversial initiative effort. Now on the 2010 ballot the proposed constitutional change is in response to … [Read more...]

Florida Taxes

florida taxes

Fla. property taxes not high, not low WASHINGTON – Oct. 4, 2010 – Using 2009 U.S. Census data, the nonprofit Tax Foundation created a state-by-state comparison of property taxes using three criteria: median property tax paid, property tax as percentage of a home’s worth, and property tax as a percentage of median income. In all three comparisons, Florida ranked around the middle, New Jersey came in at No. 1 for most expensive, and Louisiana finished at No. 50. The median property tax paid on a home in Florida was $1,773, which puts the state at No. 23 in the state-by-state … [Read more...]

Short Sales

short sales

Are short sales short? Negotiating a short sale between the seller and their lender takes skill, patience, and expertise. Everyone involved in the transaction needs to know what to expect. 1. The seller's credit rating will be negatively affected after doing a short sale, but not as much as with a foreclosure. We have heard estimates of a drop of 80-100 points off one’s FICO score. That kind of drop is far less damaging than how a foreclosure can affect your credit score. 2. The seller will receive a 1099 for forgiven debt and will owe taxes on the amount on their primary home, up to … [Read more...]