Florida’s Amendment 4


Purposed amendment 4 will be decided in Florida’s state wide election on-November 2, 2010. If passed by Florida voters, amendment 4 will change the process of local land use planning and shift final approval of comprehensive land use decisions from the county commission to a public voting referendum. The originators and supporters of amendment 4, Florida Home Town Democracy Inc. headed by Palm Beach attorney Lesley Blackner has fought for ballot inclusion since 2007 in a controversial initiative effort. Now on the 2010 ballot the proposed constitutional change is in response to … [Read more...]

Florida Taxes

florida taxes

Fla. property taxes not high, not low WASHINGTON – Oct. 4, 2010 – Using 2009 U.S. Census data, the nonprofit Tax Foundation created a state-by-state comparison of property taxes using three criteria: median property tax paid, property tax as percentage of a home’s worth, and property tax as a percentage of median income. In all three comparisons, Florida ranked around the middle, New Jersey came in at No. 1 for most expensive, and Louisiana finished at No. 50. The median property tax paid on a home in Florida was $1,773, which puts the state at No. 23 in the state-by-state … [Read more...]